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Washington Penn

Washington Penn

Washington Penn, An Audia® Company, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality engineered polyolefin compounds with a growing global footprint. As the largest North American polypropylene custom compounder, we offer in-depth experience with world-class customer service. In our 70+ years of operation, we continue to develop innovative, customer-specific formulations and are known for our work in the automotive, appliance, and consumer markets worldwide.  With seven manufacturing locations, we are fully equipped to work together with our customers to formulate great. For more information, visit www.washingtonpenn.com.

New look, same commitment to service

We’re excited to announce that Washington Penn Plastic Co., Inc. has recently adopted a new brand identity: Washington Penn, An Audia® Company. This branding initiative is part of changes we’ve made across all Audia companies.


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