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DSM Engineering Materials


Every second of the day, DSM scientists and engineers around the world are developing higher-performing plastics that our customers need to create groundbreaking products. If you’re tasked with lightweighting, metal replacement, building next-gen electronics, or reinventing the automotive powertrain, our portfolio of advanced material solutions is engineered to overcome these challenges.

We are focused on cultivating the future and providing global innovation services to our customers. It’s what drives us. To learn more, visit DSM.com/engineering-materials.

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Featured materials

engineeringOur Akulon PA6/PA66 portfolio covers virtually all possible applications with grades suited to all processing techniques including extrusion, injection and blow molding. For molded parts, they offer an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse operating environments. Learn more.

arniteArnite A (PET) and Arnite T (PBT) are well suited for a broad range of automotive, E&E and consumer goods applications. A wide portfolio of Arnite is available including unreinforced, reinforced and flame retardant grades. Learn more.

arniteArnitel is increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubber – reducing environmental impact and ultimately, system costs. With outstanding characteristics, Arnitel offers design flexibility, delivering freedom to implement the most innovative product concepts and to add value to your design process. Learn more.

dsm_ecopaxxEcoPaXX bio-based PA410 has high mechanical properties of typical short chain polyamides, but combines these with lower moisture update and higher chemical resistance more typical of long chain polyamides. EcoPaXX can easily be processed in PA66 tools while resulting in better surface quality. This makes it an ideal candidate for when performance, aesthetics and sustainability come together. Learn more.

fortiiForTii is a platform of high-performance semi-aromatic polyamides (PPA) based on the unique “C4” diamine technology that enables best-in-class mechanical properties due to the optimized crystallization morphology. ForTii offers a unique balance of properties including: excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead-free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. Learn more.

stanylStanyl is the first high-temperature polyamide and the only aliphatic polyamide in its class. The symmetry of the PA46 structure ensures that the polymers fit in the crystal in multiple ways, thereby giving rise to high crystallization speeds and high crystallinity. This combination makes the material ideal for high-temperature applications due to excellent mechanics as well as wear and friction behavior, where the flow and the flow-mechanics balance are one of a kind. Learn more.

xytronXytron offers extreme chemical resistance, dimensional stability, intrinsically flame retardancy, high stiffness up to Glass Transition Point (90 °C), Continuous Use Temperature (CUT) of 240-260 °C, and a melting point of 280 °C. Xytron is well suited for a broad range of automotive, E&E and specialty applications. Learn more.


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