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BioLogiQ is creating a sustainable future for the plastics industry by revolutionizing the way plastic products are manufactured. The company makes NuPlastiQ® resins from all natural, renewable resources. These resins allow plastics manufacturers to greatly reduce fossil fuel-based plastic use and greenhouse gas emissions. Mixing BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ BioPolymer resins with petroleum-based plastic resins results in a dramatic reduction of “greenhouse gas” emissions, helping future generations.

The company formed in 2011 to create a useful plastic from potatoes. The proprietary EcoLogiQ process uses various starches, including starch by-product from processing French fries and potato chips. Learn more at BiologiQ.com.

Plastic is good. We make it better.

NuPlastiQ BioPolymer is a unique type of thermoplastic resin made with a proprietary process that converts highly crystalline starch powder into a low crystalline (mostly amorphous) plastic resin. NuPlastiQ is supplied in pellet form. This thermoplastic material, when partnered with mainstream high-performance polymers, has many properties which are desirable for manufacturing a variety of products, including films and bags, injection molded parts, blow molded bottles and thermoformed parts. NuPlastiQ’s unique properties allow it to be easily blended with other plastic resins, including both fossil-fuel and bio-based materials. It is drop-incompatible with polyolefins (PE, PP, PS) and compostables (PLA, PBAT, PHA).

Featured materials

BioBlend XP

NuPLastiQHigh-performance BioPolymers for flexible packaging and films. All Bioblends XP contain 50% NuPlastiQ and 50% partner resins. BioBlend XP 24550 contains 50% NuPlastiQ and 50% butene LLDPE from Nexeo Plastics and offers exceptional functional and environmental benefits. BioBlend XP maintains or even increases the overall strength of plastic films. A blend of 50% BioBlend XP 24550 and 50% plastic from Nexeo Plastics can also result in a 25% reduction in resin related greenhouse gas (GHG) generation. It can be used for flexible bags and pouches, handle bags, trash bags and stretch films. Learn More.

BioBlend XD

BioBlendHigh-durability resins. BioBlend XD 25050 is a high durability resins that maintains the durability and other strength characteristics of its partner resins. BioBlend XD 25050 is used for products that require durability. These include injection molded, blow molded and thermoformed plastics for automotive parts, consumer electronics, tools, home appliances, toys, sporting goods, lawn and garden products, and rigid containers. Typical partner resins include: PP, HDPE, PS. Learn More.

BioBlend BC

NuPlastiQBiodegradable and compostable resins for packaging and films. BioBlend BC 27130 is a fully blended industrial compostable film resin (TUV certified). BioBlend BC 27130 is used for final products that require strength, plasticity and industrial compostability. These include bags, agricultural mulch films and retail packaging. Learn More.

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