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Aurora Plastics


Founded in 1997, Aurora Plastics offers broad range of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) products – in both powder and pellet form. They specialize in high quality rigid and cellular foam PVC. As one of the most commonly used thermoplastic polymers around the world, it is popular for its ease of processing, light weight material, good mechanical strength, and chemical and weather resistant properties. PVC has become a standard in the building and construction industry, but is also found widely in healthcare, wire and cable, household products, industrial and many other markets.

Aurora’s weatherable compounds are not only laboratory tested, but field proven with an outstanding outdoor performance record. Aurora continues to push the latest technology envelope of PVC compounding techniques with a culture of “continuous improvement.” Aurora Plastics’ facilities are ISO certified, setting the benchmark on product quality and lot-to-lot consistency in the industry.

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