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High-Quality Materials and Services for Injection Molding

Injection molding machineIn addition to connecting customers with reputable materials, Nexeo Plastics is committed to supporting the productivity, quality and efficiencies of the highly technical injection molding process.

A Partnership with a Full Range of Capabilities and Services

As your partner, we are invested in your enterprise and will offer solutions you can trust. With cycle-time at the forefront of our processes, our technical support team helps you select the right material for your application the first time, uses up-front part and tooling design support to make sure you realize potential savings, and helps you develop an optimal final design for the ideal processing potential.

We integrate with our customers' supply chain configurations through high-level demand planning and forecasting. Integration serves to support our customers' achievement of key metrics like cash flow and inventory turns.

Customers also have the opportunity to take full advantage of Nexeo Plastics' warehousing and delivery capabilities to help ensure the right amount of material is supplied on the requested day. It is our goal to make injection molding efficient for our customers and their enterprises.

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