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Plastic Application Development Engineers

We Collaborate Directly with Your R&D Team

At Nexeo Plastics, we truly believe in being our customers' partner. Our application development engineers (ADEs) are experienced industry professionals who work with the R&D departments of our customers to help our customers create competitive solutions.

The ADE acts as a key engineering contact for part and tooling design and material selection questions. It's almost like having a fully-experienced engineer on your staff, without the overhead.

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Engineering as a Value-Added Service

Not many distributors can say they offer experienced engineers as a value-added service. Focused on OEMs and molders with material specification authority, our ADEs competencies include:

  • Material selection expertise (new specification or offsets)
  • Part design reviews
  • Tool design reviews
  • Processing
  • Secondary processes
  • Product or process failure review
  • End market experience
  • OEM specifications experience
  • Program management and resource coordination

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